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Molly, Tim, Torger, Niko and Demi Philosophos - 'Round The World Adventure.

Hey there and welcome aboard! We are very glad to have you join us. Stay in touch and abreast of our adventures right here on this website, Here's how it works:

The #1 on the world map shows where we started our trip, and the red dot on the world map shows our location the last time we were able to post an update. As we travel, a green line will mark our route and numbered squares will ID specific stops. To get a closer look at our route, choose the appropriate map at the bottom of this page. For a reverse zoom, check out the "where is this" link just below each of the detailed maps. Click the links to the right of the map for access to specific photos and journal entries. For an outline of our complete trip plans, click on the itinerary link to the right. That's it for instructions, just cruise around, you'll figure it out... just like us.

Let us know if you would like to be sent automatic alerts after we make new entries to our trip journal. Otherwise, just stop in when ever you catch yourself wondering, "what have they been up to?" Please also use this site to keep in touch. Drop us a note and we'll pick it up next time we log on.

See ya 'round.
World-Europe map

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