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Ninna and Winston in Europe

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Well, folks, the long-awaited conclusion to the Trip Journal is now completed - it's only a month or so overdue. Hahaha!

Read up and enjoy. It was certainly a pleasure sharing our European lives with you. Many thanks to the group behind - a great product, yes? Maybe they'll give me a job!

Once again, our contact numbers are as follows:
Ninna 604 616 0024
Winston 604 616 0302

As we begin our hunt for a roof for our heads, a way to get there (Ninna needs a vehicle) and a means to pay for them (Winston's hunting for work), we think of you daily and will hope to see you soon.

Colourfully, harmoniously and with love,
W and N

Order: oldest at top ( reverse )

Bright Lights, Big City - not!
Clan of the bare caves
Take me home, island roads
Fire in the Sky
One Day on Frustration Bay
Markets and Mickey D's
The Return to Glasgow
Gotta get ourselves connected...
Going back, way back
Gung Haggis Fat Choi
Freedom!!! in Stirling
Brace Yourselves! The Return of Us is...
Roaming the roads o' the Irish
Belfast, Stroke and the Northern Ireland
Unraveling the Past, one Age at a time
The Emerald Isle
Irish Rovers
Summary of Ireland
London - metro to the max
Discovering Scandinavian roots
Signage from home
Back to stay ... for awhile
Trip Journal wrap up
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