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We will start our journey to Newfoundland on June 16,2008... That means we have been full timers for just one week shy of three years and still just love what we are doing.... There is much to be done to prepare... We will share that with you too and then follow along thru some of the most beautiful country in North America,,,There is one extra tidbit that we would like to share with you ......In 1995 I was on a tour with a co-worker that left from Minneapolis and went to Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Austria.... I first met Bill at the airport in Minneapolis and the plane stopped in Newfoundland both going and coming at Gander Airport for refueling... The people were so awesome, Coming in at 3:00am to give us ice cream cones and open up their shops for us to browse. We vowed to return there someday to see more than the airport...That trip in 1995 was the start of a romance between Bill and I that resulted in our getting married.  Since we were both working full time, we had to be satisfied with vacations from work and some trips that Bill went on for his job and he brought me along, to satisfy our wanderlust.  Finally the day came when we both could retire.... Unfortunately, I had to wait four more years than Bill did but we used the time planning for that day... We were fortunate to start our Full-Time lifestyle and had 2 special destinations on our list... The first was Alaska which we toured in 2006 and the second was to return to Newfoundland...   We are so happy that this is finally happening and we are thrilled to have you with us.Not knowing what kind of wifi we will find as we travel we will do the best we can to show you the beauty....Thanks for being with sydney
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