It's A Celebration - in Greece! travel blog

It's A Celebration - in Greece!

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"To travel is to take a journey into yourself ”

Hi loved ones,

Tomorrow I embark on a journey. A journey that I know will add happiness and fulfillment to my life. If you haven’t guessed by now,

I am taking a trip to Greece!!!

As most of you know Alex is playing basketball professionally for team Panionios in Athens (and doing quite well). So i've decided to be a little adventurous, and spend my personal new year (my 25+ birthday) out there with him. I am so excited for this trip! In my eyes, this is an opportunity to grow, refresh, discover more about myself, and of course Party!!.

This trip is special and significant to my life and I wanted a unique way remember it. I've decided to create a online journal, to capture my favorite moments and share them with you, the people I love.

Please, celebrate this birthday with me by enjoying this journal. Leave me comments, share your travel experiences and advice. I’m open to any recommendations you may have.

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