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Updated Sunday 14th August (last updated the 28th June).

Welcome to Mic & Dawn's Big Adventure.

Updated from Istanbul on the week starting 28th May to London on 25th July.

This has been the busiest period in our trip so far. The best thing about travel is the joy of making so many new friends. But we have been doubly lucky in making new friends throughout Asia that we can visit in Europe, and soon in North America as well. Everyone has made us feel so welcome. It has been a very humbling experience.

So this update is to show all our friends, new and old, what we have been up to since I last wrote over 2 months ago. We have been so busy having fun that I have only had time to upload a few photos, the stories will have to come later. As we write them we will let you know. So start in Istanbul and work your way forward from there.

A big thankyou to Steve in Crowborough for use of THE best computer in the world, without which I could never have produced 15 new pages of photos.

We are now in Brussells, Belgium, with the lovely Vince and Natie who we met at Moonhut at the start of our trip, and are heading back to Manchester soon.

Love to all.

Mic and Dawn

ps: for those who want a taste of the now internationally famous 'Annual Games Day Tournament', check out the shots from the 30th April 2005.
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