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Welcome to our website .... kindly sponsored by all in NRC @ JLT!!! Thank you!!

What can I say ... but our departure date is now here. This past month has been very exhausting in the realisation of everything that we needed to do to prepare for this trip - from finances, medical, insurances and not forgetting the house!! I won't bore you with it all but would like to say that it has all finally come together. The last thing we need to "worry" about is what to pack but our backpacks will dictate that of course.

Anyway - we can now start getting excited (and nervous) about our up and coming trip and look forward to sharing our experiences along the way with you all. We would, of course, love to hear from you all as well - however sweet and short your message will be.

We fly out on Friday, 9 September 2005 to Delhi, India. Our itinerary is very rough as we will be "going with the flow" but the countries we will cover over the next year (in brief) are as follows:
India - China - Vietnam - Cambodia - Thailand - Singapore - Australia - New Zealand - Fiji - United States of America .... time permitting a brief trip to Mexico or Peru.

I hope you enjoy reading our adventures as much as we will enjoy creating them and should any of you wish to join / meet up with us along the way - please do!!

Keep well and take care of yourselves.
Lotsa Love
Tammy and Michael
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