MyTripJournal Travel Blogs
Wednesday December 4th Get Packed it is off to Sioux Falls to spend the night before a day of flying.
Thursday December 5th On the plane at 10 in Sioux Falls on to Chicago then on to Washington DC and finally at 8PM we will get on the plane for Rome a short 9 hour flight.
Friday December 6th We are in Rome off to the Vatican and everything else we can see.
Saturday December 7th Leave Rome for Civtavecchia where we will board the Norweigian Jade our home for the next 11 nites.
Sunday December 8th it is the town of Livorno where we will take a tour of Pisa and Lucca.
Monday December 9th On to Monte Carlo, Monaco where we will roam around on foot and see what we can see.
Tuesday December 10th Docking in Toulon France where we will rent a car and drive to Aix en Provence for shopping and eating.
Wednesday December 11th We will be in Barcelona, Spain where a tour will take us to see the sights and Monneserrat.
Thursday December 12 Still in Spain Valencia today we will hop a bus into town and have some Sangria and Tapas just a slow paced day.
Friday December 13th A day of rest on ship sailing today. We will have a Meet and Greet and a Slot Pull with Cruise Critic members.
Saturday December 14th We will arrive in Sardinia Italy with a little tour around town.
Sunday December 15th Africa is on the menu today yes we will arrive in Carthage Tunisia and take a day long tour of different towns sure to be interesting.
Monday December 16th On to Sicily Palermo to be exact here we will tour the town and see what we can see.
Tuesday December 17th Our last tour and one I am looking forward to Naples and on to Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast. I hope it will be picture perfect weather because the sights are pictures themselves.
Wednesday December 18th Off the boat and back to Rome. We will travel back to Rome on the train unless plans change. Then we will spend our last day seeing what we missed in Rome the first day.
Thursday December 19th Flight out of Rome to Zurich then on to Chicago and to Sioux Falls. I hope all flights go well and we get back to the ship each day after our tours.