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Houston to Singapore
Oct 29, 2011 - My CS friend Mel is dropping me at the airport after a night of revelry out on the town for the first ever CouchSurfing Texas Couch Crash. My flight leaves at 10:45am. Please let me make it there on time with all my goods....
Oct 30, 2011 - Arrival to Singapore at 11:50pm and stumble my way to the nearest hostel for a few hours of nighty-night.
Oct 31, 2011 - Up at the ass-crack of dawn to get to the airport in time to check in at Air Asia for the flight to Bangkok (hehehe yea I said Bangkok ;)) Then upon arrival to Bangkok, it's off to a running start to catch the next flight to Chiang Mai, arriving at 3pm.
Nov 1, 2011 - Yippee! Let's hope I wake up happy and in a good mood for the beginning of the Thai massage class that I came all the way around the freaking world to take.....
Nov 9, 2011 - Classes should be over (not sure how that it is a 10 day course if it is only held from the 1st-9th, but oh well, what do I know) Tonight I am to meet up with one of my favorite Canadians, Vanessa and her dude, and her Sara, who is to be my travel buddy for the next couple of weeks.
Nov 13, 2011 - Here is where it gets fuzzy.....we are still debating on where we go from here. A beach for sure, but which one?!!! Either way, we leave Chiang Mai today :(
Nov 28, 2011 - Whatever happens, I need to have made my way back to Singapore by now. Check-in for my 11/29 12:55am flight out to...JAPAN!!!
Nov 29, 2011 - Tokyo - layover from 8:35am-5pm...then the last big flight home....arriving Houston at 1:40pm on the 29th.