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We do not have a set iternery for our trip, however the following is a rough guideline of our intended travels:

From Bankok we intend to spend 2-3 weeks travelling through northern Thailand; approx 4 weeks travelling south through Laos; approx 4 weeks travelling around Cambodia; and anywhere from 1-3 months travelling north through Vietnam. We then plan to return to Thailand and spend a couple of weeks exploring the south. We will then fly from Bankok to Paris where we will spend 1-2 weeks before arriving in London to set up home base.

Below is a record of our actual itinerary, updated as we go ...

11/02/05: Depart Brisbane, Australia.

12/02/05: Arrive in Bangkok, Thailand.

12-18/02/05: Bangkok

18-20/02/05: Ayuthaya

20-22/02/05: Sukhothai

22-?/02/05: Chiang Mai