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Leave the land of mateship and flies, slip the surly bonds of earth to touch the face of God....United flight 0870 dep Sydney 1525 arriving SFO before i leave at 1044! Connect to Denver on UA 0753 1255 arriving 1622
Beware the Ides of March!
Mar 16, 2011 - After the storm comes the calm...and a chance to soak the miles away in a bath! it was nothing like my old place but at least i could almost stretch out. 2 Subway footlongs for $9 one including chicken breasts...yummy! Cans of Arizona green tea with ginseng and honey...for 99c (before state tax of...  (more...)
Mar 17, 2011 - St Patrick's Day here in America...I had a wonderful quesadilla chicken grilled at qdoba mexican grill..for $7.04 incl tax~~wondered past a church up for sale...wandered about the 29th street shopping area big large with a cinema complex $US8 for a film before 6pm
Mar 17, 2011 - Snow showers are expected from 10pm onwards
Mar 24, 2011 - Arrived in Denver...staying at the Ramada Downtown tel 303-831-7700 room 250
Mar 29, 2011 - Leave Denver going to where ? stay tuned for details
Mar 31, 2011 - Hanging out here for another 2 days....the snow that was expected this morning didn't eventuate...ah well i got to see it yesterday..will seek out Denny's for brunch last night i was scrounging for a meal..the local Indian grocery store Namaste was trying...i was trying to find something that had...  (more...)
Apr 3, 2011 - Yesterday it got into the mid 80's today after church and a fabulous lunch at Emilio's which included a lovely margarita it got very cold started to rain and the rain turned to snowed for over an hour...more tonight..
Apr 4, 2011 - Flying out to Cancun Mexico!
Apr 5, 2011 - Book into the Dolores Alba Hotel Merida for a week tel 52-999-928-5650
Apr 12, 2011 - YURI GAGARIN I want you all to raise a toast to the First Man in Space! SALYUT YURI! I will be flying to Miami to be as near as i can to where the first shuttle blasted off back on this day in i go into the wild blue yonder
Apr 14, 2011 - Flew from Miami to Guatemala City...picked up from airport and taken to tikal city hotel even though they couldn't find a record of my upset stomach seems to have calmed down
Apr 16, 2011 - Got shuttle from Hotel Tikal to Don Ismael Antigua I will be in residence here until April 26th
Apr 26, 2011 - Back in Guatemala City Hotel Tikal for 2 nights
Apr 28, 2011 - Early morning 5am shuttle to Copan Ruinas Honduras will be here for 4 days.
Apr 29, 2011 - Did not get to Honduras until today...yesterday went to bus depot but was told due to a teacher's manifestation or was that infestation...the bus was cancelled...back to hotel book in and concierge Sergio said he would give me alift downtown after his shift...while waiting i went to a museum...  (more...)
May 4, 2011 - Arrival in San Pedro Sula...for dinner I had Burger King and Pizza Hut ah the exoticness of travel
May 9, 2011 - Arrived in La Ceiba ...difficult to get accurate info on hotel existence let alone availability....many hotels do not show up on web searches and of those that do...many do not respond to emails and one had no one to assist over the phone...not knowing the language also leadsto people upselling...  (more...)
May 11, 2011 - Boat to Utila..hope it is a smooth crossing
May 17, 2011 - Left the isle of Utila...contrast between shop owners/workers mainly European/North Americans and Hondurans of either mixed Spanish/Indian or Caribbean backgrounds....more English spoken here than rest of country...and much Garifuna/Creole/Jamaiican...some live quite comfortably here on the isle...  (more...)
May 23, 2011 - Finally heading to El Salvador~(San Salvador) coach ride 7-7.5hrs
Jun 5, 2011 - Blame Panama! Flying into Panama City i got a bit of a shock...i saw what looked like a coathanger bridge ala Sydney H Bridge...and flying over the, not the Suez! I saw a passable copy of the Anzac Bridge...and the airport i flew into Allbrook has a second name just like our confusing...  (more...)
Jun 9, 2011 - In Santa Ana San Jose Costa Rica...have gone on tour of a coffee plantation, gone to see a volcano crater, heard a geyser...saw some waterfalls and went to a national park to see hummingbirds, ocelots and jaguars and pumas, also wonderful miniaturetree frogs and mariposas butterflies
Jun 11, 2011 - am in Granada Nicaragua...i flew up in a Dehavilland Twin
otter which had tiny seats but great views as it flew low over Costa cab at airport to UCA markets andbefore i was out of thetaxi touts had grabbed my bags from cab to a mini coach but in the heat andconfusion i thought where is my...  (more...)
Jun 15, 2011 - Left Granada heading for other city of renown, Leon. Also informed Bob I was not going to make it to Hawaii
Jun 25, 2011 - Still in Leon..hadto delay my stay as the isle of Ometepe issmaLL and i had to buy more medicines and deet spray...prices would be higher on isle..also i have a cold/flu which has kept me from wandering out far..except to buy medicines juice deet spray the usual items......may buy a ticket to...  (more...)
Jun 27, 2011 - Heading for Merida on Isle of Ometepe via Managua/Rivas/San Carlos