MyTripJournal Travel Blogs
Tuesday, 9/9/08
Arrive: Barcelona, Spain

Travel overland through Europe until departing from Istanbul, Turkey on 10/24/08.

Friday, 10/24/08
Depart: Istanbul, Turkey
Arrive: Tel Aviv, Israel

Sunday, 11/2/08
Depart: Tel Aviv, Israel
Arrive: Cairo, Egypt

Thursday, 11/13/08
Depart: Cairo, Egypt
Arrive: Johannesburg, South Africa via Doha, Qatar

Travel overland through South Africa until departing from Cape Town, South Africa on 12/11/08.

Thursday, 12/11/08
Depart: Cape Town, South Africa
Arrive: Bali, Indonesia via Doha, Qatar

Tuesday, 12/23/08
Depart: Bali, Indonesia
Arrive: Singapore, Singapore

Travel overland through SE Asia and beyond until the budget breaks...