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Mexico Trip 2004 Schedule of travel and sites

Date- Leave - arrive - stay
Nov 8- Austin to Reynosa- Start on bus
Nov 8- Reynosa to Papantla-continue on bus arrive Nov 9
Nov 9 -Papantla- local - visit El Tajin site stay at hotel
Nov 10- Papantla to Mexico City-by bus Stay at Hostel Moneda- use e-mail
Nov 11- Teotihaucan - day trip- visit site and museum
Nov 12- Teotihaucan- day trip- continue site visit
Nov 13- Mex City- day trip- tour Museum
Nov 14- Mex City- day trip- tour Temple Mayor
Nov 15- Mex City- day trip- Taxcala tour Cacaxtla, Xochitecatl
Nov 16- Mex City day trip -museum
Nov 17- Mex City- day trip- tour Cuicuicalo site
Nov 18- Mex City to Jalapa - by bus, stay at Posada Margarita
Nov 19- Jalapa- day trip- tour museum and Zempoala
Nov 20 -Jalapa to -Villahermosa -bus 11:30 nite arrive 8:30 am
Nov 21 -Villahermosa -stay at Howard Johnson Hotel -visit La Venta
Nov 22- Villahermosa- visit Colamalco and museum email
Nov 23- Villahermosa to Campeche -by bus stay at Hostal Campeche
Nov 24- Campeche- visit museums use email
Nov 25- Campeche to Merida -by bus, stay at Hotel Delores Alba
Nov 25- Merida -local -visit museums, pick up rental car
Nov 26- Merida -ocal -by car visit sites use email
Nov 27- Merida-local -visit Dzbulichaltun site
Nov 28- Merida to Mayapan -visit site
Nov 28 -Mayapan to St Elena -stay at Flycatcher Inn
Nov 29 -St Elena -by car -visit Sayil and Labna
Nov 30- St Elena- by car- visit Xochob and chal-tuni
Dec 1- St Elena- by car - visit Kabah and Tacoh
Dec 2- St Elena- by car- visit Xlapak and anything I missed
Dec 3 -St Elena -by car -visit local sites
Dec 4 - St Elena- by car- visit Uxmal
Dec 5- St Elena to Edzna - visit site
Dec 5- Edzna to Campeche-stay at Hotel Campeche use e-mail
Dec 6- Campeche to Rio Bec stay at Rio Bec Dreams resort
Dec 7 - Rio Bec-by car- visit Calakmul
Dec 8 - Rio Bec -by car - visit Chicanna & Becan
Dec 9 - Rio Bec -by car - visit El Pamonal and Maruchin
Dec 10- Rio Bec -by car - visit Dzibanche and Rio Bec sites
Dec 11- Rio Bec - by car- visit Corrental and Xupjil
Dec 12 -Rio Bec -by car- visit Hohunlich
Dec 12 -Hohunlich to Chetumal- by car stay at Hotel Ucum
Dec 13 -Chetumal- local- visit museum use email
Dec 14 -Chetumal- Belize - cross border and visit two sites
Dec 15 -Chetumal- by car- visit local sites
Dec 16 -Chetumal to Tulum - by car, -stay at Copal Cabanas
Dec 17 - Tulum- by car- visit site and beach
Dec 17 - Tulum to Coba- by car, stay at El Bocadito hotel
Dec 18- Coba- by car- visit site continue by car
Dec 18- Coba - by car - visit Yalchen and Xiuilbo
Dec 18 -Coba to Ek Balam- by car, stay at Genisis Retreat
Dec 19 -Ek Balam by car - visit El Balam site, get massage
Dec 20 -Ek Balam- by car- visit local sites
Dec 21 -Ek Balam- by car - visit Chichen Itza stay over use email
Dec 22 -Ek Balam -by car - Visit Chichen Itza stay over
Dec 23- Ek Balam to Izamal- by car,- visit site
Dec 23- Izamal -Merida -by car-, stay at Deloras Alba use email
Dec 24 -Merida- return car- bus to Palenque, stay over
Dec 25 -Palenque- visit site
Dec 26- Palenque- tour bus- visit Bonampak and Yaxcilliam
Dec 27- Palenque- tour bus- continue Bonampak and Yaxcillian
Dec 28- Palenque- local- and anything else
Dec 29 -Palenque -Ocosingo -by bus,- tour Tonina
Dec 29 -Ocosingo- stay over at ?-
Dec 30- Ocosingo- San Cristobal -stay at Hostal Casa Babylon
Dec 31 -San Cristobal -Oaxaca -by bus all day stay at Hotel Francia
Jan 1 -Oaxaca -by car?- Visit Monte Alban use e-mail
Jan 2 -Oaxaca- by car ?- visit El Tule, Yagul
Jan 3 -Oaxaca -by car? -Visit Milta, Danazui
Jan 4 -Oaxaca -by car -shopping and local stuff
Jan 5 -Oaxaca-Pubela -stay at Hostel Xamen ha
Jan 6 -Pubela- local -visit Chocula
Jan 6 -Pubela -Austin -night bus direct to Austin