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Around the World 2007-2008
Anchorage to Denver (Geo Metro (50 mpg), approx. 4000 road miles, approx. $300)
Denver to Chicago (US Airways, $150)
Chicago to Tennessee (shared ride with friend Kenny
Nashville to New York City (JetBlue $80)
New York City to Dublin (Ireland, Aer Lingus, $200)
Dublin to Friedrichshafen (Germany, Ryan Air, $130)
Trains in Italy Austria ($20-60)
Trains, buses in Hungary, Czech ($4-30)
Prague to Frankfurt, Germany (train, approx. $140)
Frankurt to Bangkok, Thailand (Gulf Air, $550)
Bangkok to Saigon (buses, $4-10 each)
Overnight buses across Vietnam ($8-12 each)
Overnight train Hanoi to Sapa ($50, both ways)
Hanoi to Bangkok, Thailand, (Nok Air, $50)
Bangkok to Ko Pa Ngan, bus and boat ($50, both ways)

Bali 2007
Anchorage to Bali, China Air, round trip, $1200
Bali to Manado, Sulawesi, round trip, $170

January 2006
Anchorage to Seattle, Alaska Air, one-way, $160
Seattle to Los Angeles, America West, one-way, $140
Los Angeles to Lima, Peru, Continental, one-way, $370
Lima to Cusco, Peru, buses, about $50
Lima to Anchorage, one way, $600

Anchorage to Frankfurt, Germany (Condor Air, about $600 one way)
Frankfurt to Stockholm, Sweden (Ryan Air flight, $30)
Stockholm to Copenhagen, Denmark (Eurolines bus, about $50)
Copenhagen to Berlin, Germany (easyJet flight, $60)
Berlin to Belgium (Eurolines bus, about $40)
Belgium to Prague (Eurolines, about $50)
Prague to Krakow, Poland (Eurolines, about $30)
Krakow to Munich, Germany (train, about $20)
Munich to Stuttgart, Germany (train, about $40)
Stuttgart to Salzburg, Austria (train, about $50)
Salzburg to Ljubljana, Slovenia (train, about $40)
Ljubljana to Piran, Italy (train, about $20)
Piran to Venice, Italy (train, $20)
Venice to Florence (train, $20)
Florence to Rome (train, $20)
Rome to Cairo, Egypt (Air Alitalia, 160 euro)
Cairo to Aswan (train, $15)
Between Egyptian towns (bus, about $3 each)
Cairo to Dahab (overnight bus, $15)
Dahab to Nuweiba (microbus, $5 each)
Nuweiba, Egypt to Aqaba, Jordan (ferry, $45)
Aqaba to Petra (taxi, $10 each)
Petra to Amman (taxi with full day tour, $30 each)
Amman, Jordan to Mumbai (Bombay), India (Gulf Air flight, $260)
Mumbai to Arambol, Goa (Indian Railways sleeper train, $4)
Goa to Delhi (Deccan Air flight, $130)
Busses and trains within India, $2-10
Calcutta to Bangkok, Thailand (Druk Air Royal Bhutan Airlines, $140)
Bangkok to Phuket, Thailand (overnight bus, $10)
Phuket to Kuala Lumpur, Maylasia (Air Asia, $15)
Kuala Lumpur to Densapar, Bali, Indonesia (Air Asia, $40)
Bali to Phuket (via Kuala Lumpur), (Air Asia, $80)
Phuket to Bangkok (Thai Air, $50)
Bangkok to Anchorage, Alaska (Korean Airlines, $500)