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Basically, I intend to drive around the perimeter of Spain, wandering inland and back to the coast whenever there is a place I specially want to see. My plans are mostly quite vague and intentionally so but with a few markers along the way. For anyone wanting more detail in advance I've used the itineray thingy on here!

Many thanks to friends who have made suggestions for places to make sure I see and especially to my Spanish teacher Brigitte who has shared more than just the language!!

See you when I get back

Aug 17, 2006 - to, more or less(!), 31st August, travel through the North-west provinces of Spain. Basically this is all the bits from the port in Santander and into the part that sits on top of Portugal - then I'll drive back into the main part of Spain and start to follow the sun south :-)
Aug 17, 2006 - Arrive in Santander, drive off ferry, maybe feeling sick after the crossing and immediately (after a night sleeping (or not) in a reclining chair) drive on the 'wrong' side of the road - should be an intersting start!!
Sep 1, 2006 - to 14th September (more or less, are you starting to get the idea?) I'll be driving down the west side of Spain, meandering inland a bit to see Toledo (which is South of Madrid) and then hitting the coast. I plan to include a visit to Tarifa which is just about the most southerly point of Spain and...  (more...)
Sep 8, 2006 - Today it's my daughter Suzanne's birthday , so I'll be drinking a bottle of Rose wine to celebrate - have a great day sweetheart x
Sep 15, 2006 - Jon flies out to Almeria for a long weekend and we will be visiting his brother who lives about 40km to the North
Sep 18, 2006 - After dropping Jon off at the airport I'll be really starting to make my way along the coast, which sadly means heading North and away from the sun. I'll be wandering inland here and there and doing my best to avoid (English) tourist hotspots!! I'm aiming to avoid visiting any English/Irish pubs or...  (more...)
Oct 5, 2006 - I should be driving through Barcelona on my way to meet up with Jon in Lloret de Mar - yes I know what I said about tourist destinations but he's going to be there on a salsa week with MamboCity so it has to be done!
Oct 8, 2006 - I'll be leaving Jon at Gerona airport on 8th October and will have a look at the town and may look at some of the coast North of Lloret de Mar which I hear is relatively undeveloped.
And after that, I have to head back inland, drive more or less along the edge of the Pyrenees, making a very...  (more...)
Oct 10, 2006 - Today it's my grandson Richard's birthday, I'll be thinking about you and hope you have a lovely day - we'll have an extra celebration when I get home x