MyTripJournal Travel Blogs
* December 2: Tim's last day of work in Boston
* December 3-4: visit New York City and friends Nate and Basia
* December 7: Anja's last day of work in Boston
* December 10: move out of Somerville, MA
* December 10-14: visit in Vermont
* December 15-29: visit in Virginia
* December 29-January 2: New Year's on Cape Cod
* January 3: fly to San Francisco, CA
* January 3-10: visit relatives in California
* January 10: fly from LAX to Fiji to Auckland
* January 12: arrive in Auckland, New Zealand

Here are some websites we like to help you learn about this great country if you want: - nice overall stats, pictures and travel ideas - good for hiking, tramping ideas - organic farming site - official visa type stuff - the city we hope to settle in on the South Island

* January 12 - mid-February: buy a car, travel around North Island, camp and hike around.
* mid-February until???: settle in Christchurch, find an apartment and job, and try to enjoy life as a local and get to know the community.
* May or June: visit Australia and friends of Anja
* December: visit from Anja's mom, dad, and other family and friends.