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Comparison between MyTripJournal Premium and MyTripJournal Free

Features Premium Free
Content / Editing    
Unlimited* Trip Journals
Unlimited* entries and map points
Automatic trip journal update notices to family and friends
Option to set up 'My Travel Homepage'
Message center and Guestbook for your trip journals
Editing rights - ability to edit your older trip journals Current Trip Journal
Photo allotment Unlimited* 150 / month
Upload photos in original resolution and quality  
Express upload of photos
Maximum upload size per photo / per upload 20 MB/ 200 MB 10 MB/ 100 MB
Video allotment Unlimited* 5 / month
Photos optimized for web viewing
Option to display original full-size photos  
Full HTML archive of your Trip Journals  
Archive of photos in their original resolution and quality  
Archive of guestbox and inbox messages  
Option for Archive by CD/DVD at no additional charge (requires  
Option to assign visitor-access password  
Option to control access to different Trip Journals  
Option to password protect 'My Travel Homepage'  
Custom regional maps on request  
No ads on Trip Journal pages accessed by you, family or friends **  
No ads on your "My Travel Homepage" for you, family or friends **  
No ads on Trip Journal editor  

* Subject to normal use by travelers as defined in our user Terms and Conditions. Maximum uploaded file size 20 MB per photo (Premium service) or 10 MB per photo (free service), and 15 MB per video.

** No advertising is displayed when you log into your Trip Journals or Travel Homepage as traveler, or when they are accessed by friends and family at their direct URLs or by using the 'Find a Friend's Journal' tool. Ads may be visible on some of your Trip Journal pages for people who access them from search engines. The banner of MyTripJournal or its custom-branded partner is part of your website and, for this purpose, does not constitute advertising.

*** Max. 1 CD/DVD available upon request per year of service; max. 1 CD/DVD per request and 2 Trip Journals + photos per CD/DVD

Should you subscribe for a free or Premium website?

The answer depends upon:
  • how intensively you want to use each Trip Journal
  • whether you'd like to archive your Trip Journals and your original quality photos
  • how long you would like to edit and view your Trip Journals
  • whether you mind advertising on your website
  • whether you want to keep your website private

You may also upgrade from free to Premium at any time.

Intensity of Use

With a free website, you may create as many Trip Journals as you like*; however, editing rights are restricted to your most recent Trip Journal and any Trip Journals set up from a template. You may upload a total of up to 60 photos and 5 movie clips in any 30-day period. Each photo may be up to 3 MB in size and each movie clip may be up to 15 MB.

In a Premium website you may also create unlimited* Trip Journals, but there's also no limit* on the number of entries, photos or internet movie clips you may upload for each Trip Journal. Each photo may be up to 10 MB in size and each movie clip may be up to 15 MB.

Archiving and Photos

As a Premium subscriber, you are entitled to an HTML archive of all your Trip Journals by the method of your choosing: either by immediate download or in the mail on CD/DVD at no extra charge. For the CD/DVD, you must subscribe for at least 6 months' Premium service.

The 'HTML archive' is a permanent electronic record of your trip as your visitors saw it, including maps, entries, photos, internet movie clips and guestbook. It can be viewed using any graphical browser - without having an internet connection.

As photos are posted, they are automatically 'optimized' for use on the internet. This is necessary because photos scanned or taken with digital cameras usually contain enough information to be printed on paper - which is far more information than a computer can display. Optimizing results in MUCH faster page load times for your visitors.

As a Premium subscriber, your right to archive also includes the right to retrieve all of your photos in their original quality, allowing you to print them later at the resolution in which you uploaded them. Having your website store your original photos frees up your camera's memory and keeps your valuable photos safe from theft or mishap. We've received emails from customers who've had their camera or laptop stolen or damaged, and the only photos they still had were the ones on their website!

You are entitled to one complimentary archive per Trip Journal. Maximum one complimentary shipment per year of service. When you are ready to archive one or more Trip Journals, visit the Archive Center (from your Update Center).

Free website subscribers do not have archiving rights.


Premium subscribers have the right to assign a visitor-access password to one or more Trip Journals and/or to their MyTravelHomepage, at any time. This prevents the public from accessing your website content. We do not submit private content to search engines to be indexed by them.

Travelers choosing the privacy option must send a visitor-access password to friends, family and colleagues to whom they want to grant access. The password is included by default in all Update Notices which you may send out as you edit your website from time to time.

Please note that the privacy option is not intended to encourage the posting of sensitive personal information on your websites. You should exercise discretion in what information you show to people visiting your site, always keeping in mind that your visitors may send your visitor-access password along to unintended viewers.


Free websites may contain ads. Premium websites do not contain ads when accessed directly by traveler logging in, by visitors clicking off links in the traveler's Update Notices or entering the direct URL, or by visitors using the ''Find A Friend's Trip Journal" tool. Websites of Premium subscribers who choose to leave their websites public (ie, not to assign a visitor-access password) may contain ads when those websites are accessed through public pages such as through the "Best of MyTripJournal" system, through Entries-by-Cities pages or if they access those pages from a search engine.

All advertising on MyTripJournal pages must meet our standards for decency, respect and social responsibility. We reserve the right to refuse any advertising in our sole discretion.

* subject to normal use by travelers as set out in the Terms and Conditions.

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