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Don't blink....Arrey, New Mexico

Sign out front of the restaurant

Would you stop here for lunch?

Stop and have lunch before you pick up bait.

Guess you cannot have 2 grocery stores in town


I don't think I could ever eat veal again

Little memorial tree inside an earthen cave alongside the road.

The cemetery is up on a hill away from the main road....

Very few headstones or crosses....just piles of rocks to mark someones final...

We decided to stay around town for a few more days. There are a couple of ghost towns close by that we want to see and since we are not on a time line the decision to stick around was easy for us.

There is a very little town here called Arrey. It has a café, a post office, a tiny grocery store and an elementary school. In 2010 the population was 232….and now 5 years later, not sure how many they have, but I guess enough to support an elementary school.

The owner of the RV park told us to go to the Arrey Café as they had really good food. Since we decided to take it easy today and it was only a 10 minute drive, we headed there for lunch.

It is a town that if you blink, you miss it. The café was in a quite unassuming building. In fact, if it had not been recommended to us, we would not have gone.

Inside was a large room with old metal tables and chairs, some looking a bit battered. It was, however, crowded. Always a good sign.

I ordered their signature plate….chile cheeseburger with fries. Yeah, I know…..I am never going to lose those 2 pounds at this rate. John had a huge burrito with red chile sauce. Oh, yes….they were both good. Before they served our lunch we both decided we would just eat half and bring the rest home. Well, guess what, we ate every bit. LOL

On the long, long drive home….haha….we passed a hill on the side of the road. It had a cut out and inside was a colored tree with a couple pinwheels near it. We wondered about the story of this little tree. A nice little memorial for someone.

We also drove past a dairy and saw something I had never seen. Rows and rows of big dog kennels with a water dish out and hay in front of the opening. Each one was surrounded by wire fencing. I wasn’t sure what it was until we got closer and I must say, I do eat meat, but today made me feel guilty. They were calves, being fed and segregated because they will be veal. I don’t think I can ever think of veal again without thinking of those little calves. Heavy sigh.

We also stopped at the cemetery here in Caballo Lake. It was the first time I have seen all the graves piled high with stones. Even the ones that were somewhat recent burials. Wonder why?

We skipped dinner tonight…all that food we ate at lunch. But, we did go to the clubhouse for happy hour. We had a drink with the owner and one of the residents here. It was a nice time with nice people.

A new New Mexico fact:

Around 1,000 official reports of UFOs are made each year in New Mexico.

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