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Black Point drive

Black Point drive

I don't like to complain, but I can't remember such an uninterrupted spell of heat and humidity anywhere we've been in the United States. And when I look at future forecasts, all I see is more of the same. The last time this area had a high temperature below 90º was June 9. The heat/humidity index is over 100 every day. The A/C is keeping up, but there is little here that we want to do that doesn't involve being outside and it's no fun when you immediately start dripping with sweat. We took a drive out to the national seashore area, a favorite spot for viewing hordes of birds, but it is apparently too hot for them as well. There were few to see. We were close to the ocean there, but the water temperature is 85º, which offers little relief. When I take my daily shower, the water coming out of the cold tap is warm enough. We only use the water heater for washing dishes.

Ken braved the elements to play some tennis today and came home dripping. I intended to go with him, but when I walked out the door, it was so humid I couldn't breathe. Every morning streams of condensation run down the windows.

I enjoy gardening at home. Our yard is small and about the same time my back has had it, the planting/pruning/weeding/fertilizing is done. We have a tiny piece of property here and I know nothing about tropical plants, but I could see lots of dead foliage that needs to be removed. What I unfortunately did not see right away, was that all the palm looking plants have thorns. It wasn't until I saw the blood trickling down my arms that I realized the problem. Some of the thorns have broken off and are imbedded in my hands. No wonder most people hire someone else to do this work. We're glad our dues pay for mowing, which is being done twice weekly. I bought some long handled pruning shears and thick gloves to finish the job, but it is too hot to put the gloves on. I hear I should also keep an eye out for snakes. I have lots to learn.

It should be much nicer when we come back from Europe in November.

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