Danny and Anna's Round The World Trip 2005 travel blog

Glen and us kids

John, Glen, Tonya and the kids

The Gloucester Tree

Rest time at top of the Gloucester Tree

Coming back down to level ground

National Park waterfall

The tip of S.W Australia at Augusta

Bussleton beach

Glen and John offered to take us on a whistlestop tour staying overnight with their daughter Tonya and her family in Bridgetown. We hit the road at around 7.30am with John driving and Glen navigating. Both provided a top notch running commentary of the scenery and sights as we passed.

Our first stop at around 9am was at Serpentine Dam, which looked nearly empty thanks to five years of drought. The recent downpours have meant that May and June have been the wettest on record for 50 years but this seems to have had little impact on the water levels.

We then called in on a working steam engine just north of Pinjarra before stopping for morning coffee at the visitor centre in town. The visitor centre is housed in one of the first buildings built by it's colonial settlers and had a feel of victorian England meets the Wild West. No toilets inside though so had a mad dash to the dunny through another rain shower.

One colonial house we called in at was where one of the first white settlers, a Mr George Layman was speared to death by a native Aborigine in an argument about a woman that was working late at the farm. His murder triggered an uprising in which 100s of natives were slain. The Abo version of events is that Mr Layman was "carrying on with the woman."

We called in on countless other scenic spots for a quick peek. Lots of trees and gently rolling hillside covered with pasture for the cattle or vinyards. Beautiful rivers in flood. We also stopped at a few wineries. John was certain that one of them would produce a sweet wine that Danny would enjoy. We eventually struck lucky at Blackwood winery and bought some bargain wines at $4 per bottle - not even 2 pounds. Apparently they were past their best but it tasted fine to me.

At around dusk we spotted lots of kangaroos on the side of the road. They are surprsingly tame and we managed to snap them before they hopped off in search of dinner.

At around 7pm we made it to Bridgetown where we spent the night with Tonya and Andrew and their cute kiddies 3 year old Chloe and 8 month old Ryan.

Day 106 complete

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