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The Cassiar Mtns are beautiful!

Most of the world's jade comes from this area of Canada -...

Another beautiful view

This truck burned up in just 2 hours! They got the trailer...

Stikine River Bridge - interesting

Does this look like a highway to you?

Home for the night at Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park

Sunrise on Kinaskan Lake

10% grade down to the Burrage River

Ningunsaw River

8% grade - hey, it's a highway - there are lines!

Mama bear & 3 cubs - ones on right looked like one...

Bear Glacier on the way to Stewart

Glaciers & waterfalls - beautiful!

Bear River

Home at the Bear River RV Park in Stewart, BC

It was partly cloudy yesterday morning. The clouds were around the mountains but didn't totally hide them - thankfully. By afternoon there were rain showers & they continued into evening. But it was a beautiful drive past lakes, rivers, beautiful forests & towering mountains. We were stopped on the road for about an hour by traffic backed up when a truck caught on fire. We were far enough back & around a corner so couldn't see the flames or smoke. We took the opportunity to have our lunch. Ha! Praise God no one was injured. The fire was so hot that it melted the cab!

We stopped in the early afternoon at Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park & were early enough to get a camp site on the lake. It was 55 when we stopped so we changed out of shorts & short-sleeved shirts into jeans & long-sleeved shirts for the first time in awhile. We took Callie for a walk after dinner but it was shortened when it started to rain. We could still enjoy views of the lake out our windows.

It's late enough in the summer & we're far enough south that it's dark at night. We've taken the dark throws off the bedroom windows - finally. There aren't any street lights in provincial parks & it's pitch black in the middle of the night. So nice!

It was raining when we headed out this morning & has rained most of the day & evening. We did see a bit of sunrise & heard loons on the lake - such a neat sound. It was so cloudy we were afraid we wouldn't be able to see the mountains & glaciers today but it turned partly cloudy with periods of sun & we were able to enjoy the views down the Cassiar Hwy & on down to Stewart. The road down to Stewart is surrounded by massive mountains containing over 20 glaciers & many waterfalls. What a beautiful drive! Ad we saw a mama bear with 1 cub & another mama bear with 3 cubs!

Critter count: Black bear - 7 (29) - Trumpeter Swan - 1 (24)

We set up in the Bear River RV Park in sprinkles & have had fairly heavy rain off & on all evening. The weather is supposed to improve over the next couple of days.

More later...

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