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A foggy start to the day

Golden hills of CA

Vineyards just 15 mi south of Willits!

Winery at Hopland - don't think they grow hops here

Redwood logs at a lumber mill

Former golden hills now covered with vineyards

Richmond-San Rafael Bridge

View across the bay of the SF Bay Bridge

And of San Francisco

Ships at the oil terminal

View across the bay from Berkeley

Some of the Port of Oakland (SF across bay in background)

Really golden hills in the south bay - drought conditions here

Our view at lunch today was sure different!

An artichoke field near Gilroy

Workers in fields in the Salinas Valley

Fields below - vineyards above

Oh yeah, CA has oil, too

We drove down the El Camino Real

Headed down into the San Luis Valley

View of the ocean at Shell Beach

Crops in Arroyo Grande not far from our home for 7 weeks

And we're "home"!

View out our back window!

Whew! We finally made it! Is the last day of a trip always the hardest? It took us an hour to go 30 miles thru the Bay Area. We were stopped for an hour on the freeway for an accident below Gilroy (but thank God we were just stopped & not involved in the multi-car accident!). It was 100 degrees when we stopped at a rest stop outside Paso Robles. It was after 6:00 when we finally arrived!

But we made it & David's sister & husband, Norma & Danny, were waiting to greet us. We all went out to Paisano's for pizza for dinner.

But what a trip - truly the trip of a lifetime!

Miles driven - 11,478

Miles trailer towed - 9,019

Gal diesel used - 1,013

Avg price/gal - $4.55 (not nearly as bad as we expected!)

Avg miles/gal - 11.33 (not too bad)

Avg cost/night (camp fees) - $29.29 (we did boondock a number of nites in AK)

Final Critter Count:

Deer - 40

Black Bear - 30

Grizzly Bear - 1

Elk - 5

Big-horned sheep - 5

Stone sheep - 1

Caribou - 7 (not counting a couple of herds we saw in the distance)

Coyote - 2

Trumpeter Swans - 24

Moose - 22

Bison - 22

Porcupine - 1

Bald Eagle - 43 (we really weren't able to count all the eagles we saw!)

This trip was relatively safe - no flat tires, just a couple of chips on the windshield - the only problem we had was minor cracks in the trailer frame & we were able to find welders at very reasonable cost & little inconvenience.

We are so thankful to have been able to make this trip!

We'll be spending the next 7 weeks here in Arroyo Grande so won't be posting too often. We'll be heading for the Gulf Coast of Texas in late October & will be spending the winter in Rockport, TX. So, more later...

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