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This morning at 8:00 I was on my way back to Austin after another wonderful Lazy Daze rally. The return trip took me longer than the trip on Thursday because I took longer breaks.

Not long after leaving Lafayette I witnessed a terrible accident less than a block in front of me. A car driving westbound in the left lane had just passed me when it suddenly flipped over five or six times, crossing the wide median and landing upside down almost into the eastbound lane. It burst into flames. A trucker in front of me and three eastbound cars stopped. I decided not to stop because I thought there were already enough people to help. My fear is that the occupant(s) did not survive. I couldn’t see anything that could have caused the car to flip. The highway was wide, smooth, straight and level and there was nothing on the road to cause the driver to swerve. The driver was not speeding or driving recklessly. Perhaps there was a blowout. I felt sick inside and couldn't stop thinking about it.

In Lake Charles I stopped at an Exxon station. When I tried to use my Speedpass, a message gave me the option of paying outside by debit or credit card or paying inside. That's not supposed to happen. I went inside to tell the cashier; he told me that it wasn't working. Duh! I went to the other side of the station to see if it would work with one of those pumps. However, all those pumps were already in use. I decided to drive on to another station. There I discovered that I had left behind my locking gas cap at the first station. Aarrgghh!!! Why hadn't I just used my credit card at the first station? Fortunately, I had kept my original non-locking cap but I plan to buy another locking one.

At the Texas welcome center I was surprised to see Warren and Peggy Hallbauer in the parking lot. They had left the RV park twenty minutes or so after I left but had passed me while I was at the service station. We chatted a few minutes and then were on our separate ways again.

Just after passing through Bastrop, the wind became noticeably stronger and the temperature cooler. A cool front was moving through the area. I had to use a little heat tonight and also put a blanket on the bed.


Weather Conditions: Hot, windy and cloudy

Gasoline Price: $3.859 at Lake Charles, LA; $3.899 at Brookshire, TX and $3.659 at Austin

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