2010 Race 2 Finish travel blog

Tuesday a day long rainstorm kept us in camp


we managed to stay dry and out of the mud

the Trans Canadian Highway northwest out of Saskatoon

this road was flat prairie at first

with an occasional river valley

farm country

crossed by several circuits of transmission lines

and always the grain elevators


this one looks like a musuem

because they're not running trains like this anymore

the town of Battleford

today the main attraction is the sky



a farmer has bought a new tractor and the dealer is delivering...

his 'wide load' escort

the sky would look threatening

and sometimes we'd get a few sprinkles

but they would end as quickly as they began



we saw several of these drilling operations and it didn't look like...

we only saw one oil pump but there were a lot of...

they don't irrigate here and that doesn't look much like a water...

the cows seem to like the tanks

we think they may be for storing oil but we're not sure

here they're building a new road


we stopped there for a moment to take some pictures

of this incredibly beautiful sky



back on the road we're still heading northwest toward Alberta


northwestern Saskatchewan is hilly


there is still a lot of water

coming into the small town of Turtleford


there is traffic on the road here - but not much









we stopped again to gawk at the sky and take some more...







here is a wheat field in all three of it's production stages...






a northward stretch of road took us through this First Nation Reservation


a bridge construction project


the reservation road was not a good one but they were working...

this stretch was all loose stones

oh NO - they're oiling it - don't want to drive on...

we were glad to see the end of that project!


the sky was still putting on a show


reservation lands overlook this lake



we're not far from the Saskatchewan - Alberta Border now



here we passed through the corner of Meadow Lake Provincial Park

approaching the provincal border

and here we are entering Alberta at last

from Saskatoon into Alberta the sky dominates the landscape

An all day rain on Tuesday kept us from checking out Saskatoon, so that will have to wait for the next time we're in town.

Wednesday morning we headed out of Saskatoon on Highway 16, the Trans Canadian Highway. The road goes northwest toward our destination for today, the Alberta border. The land is prairie farmland that becomes increasingly rolling and hilly by the time you get to the town of Battleford where we left Highway 16 and turned North. Battleford is named for several famous battles that took place here between the Metis people and the Canadian Government.

Metis is the name for a race of people born from European and Indian marriages. They formed a new nation, separate from either culture, and in the late 1800s they revolted against the treatment they were receiving from the Canadian Government. Several battles were fought, and in 1885 their leader Louis Riel was captured, tried for treason and hanged. Today however, Riel is a hero and is recognized as a man who was martyred for trying to help his people receive simple justice.

For the rest of the day the sky dominated the landscape. It was sometimes benign, sometimes threatening, and at all times gorgeous. A few days ago I wrote that on a prairie the sky is a living presence, and no time has that been truer than today. Saskatchewan and Alberta are both known for their beautiful skies, and traveling from one to the other it is sometimes hard to keep your eyes on the road. The following pictures tell the story.

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