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The bluff at Bluff City

Lakeview Campground on Boone Lake

Goats on Boone Lake

Boone Lake

Boone Lake

Boone Lake

Boone Lake

Geese at Boone Lake

Our neighbor in West Virginia

other side

The Big Horse in Ohio

The littlest horse


cow or bull?


View from Evergreen Park RV Resort

Close up shows Sheep

The Pool at Evergreen

Some of the landscaping at Evergreen




The oldest house in downtown Berlin

Victorian Gift Shop in Berlin

Horse in Mrs. Yoder's back yard

We had a very nice 4th of July in Bluff City. The campground offered a pontoon boat tour of Boone Lake in the early evening. The campground owner’s family has been in Northeastern Tennessee for several generations so he was able to share some of the history of the area while we traveled several miles of the very large lake. It was a perfect time to be on the water, the 4th of July was one of the best days as far as the weather goes, a cold front brought with it a little less humidity and it was one of the few days that we didn’t have to use our air conditioning. After our boat ride we were able to watch the fireworks display from Bluff City right from our windows, the next night the campground had their own display.

We spent two weeks in Bluff City; a large flea market is located right across the road from the campground so we spent a couple of weekends there. We also traveled to nearby towns to check out some of the places we have been to on previous visits to the area and even found some “new” antique malls and farmers markets.

Our next stop was for only 3 days at the Huntington/Fox Fire KOA in Milton, West Virginia. This is the campground we visited twice 2 years ago when our friends Chris and Dave were work camping. It wasn’t quite the same without Chris and Dave but we did check out some of the fun places they introduced us to then.

This area of West Virginia seems like a great place to spend a summer, close enough to all the shopping you could want but also remote enough to be peaceful and quiet.

We weren’t quite done with the mountains and still had to travel through many miles of up and down on our way from West Virginia to Ohio and when the mountains were too big to go up and over we had to take a couple of long tunnels to get through them. We’ve seen enough mountains this summer and are hoping that the rest of our trip will be mountain free.

We stayed at one of our favorite places the Evergreen Park RV Resort in Dundee, Ohio for the next two weeks. We have stayed here several times over the last six years and are never disappointed. Evergreen is a beautiful campground located in the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country. All the countryside is beautiful, charming Amish homes surrounded by farmlands. Most homes have beautiful flower and large vegetable gardens. It seems that with all the tourism and cottage industries that the economy is this part of Ohio is really booming. As usually we made many trips to our favorite places and found a few new one. One of the fun new places we went to was the Smucker’s Store in Orville. We picked up a bunch of Smucker products; Smucker owns several other product lines, the store is decorated with their products and food related gift items. There is also a small café there. Of course we couldn’t leave the area without some Amish cooking so we went to Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen in Mt. Hope one of the very popular restaurants in the area. We also enjoyed a lot of the fresh produce, baked goods and cheese during out stay in Ohio.

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