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I have been getting up around 4:00 AM for the past few days. That is 10:00 AM in Europe and I wanted to get used to the time change.

Back when I flew airplanes for a living, I traveled a lot and spent many a night in a hotel, in some city around this country or in a foreign country.

Sometimes that was a pleasant experience and other times it was more of a bad dream type of thing.

I flew the jet in and out of 44 states and 14 foreign countries while earning a living in that small office called the “Cockpit”.

Packing for a trip was never something I enjoyed. Even when it was only one small “Roll a Board” suitcase.

Since becoming a full-time RV’er, one of the things I have discovered that I like a lot, is the fact that we take our home with us when we travel and do not have to live out of a suitcase.

So it was not a fun thing to do, when we had to pack for this trip.

It was even more unpleasant when I discovered that only one bag was permitted to be checked for free. The second bag cost us $50 for each of us. That quickly added $200 to the cost of our trip, at $100 each direction for the two of us.

We offered the use of our RV to our friends while we are gone. They are experienced RV’ers so it would be no problem at all.

Marilyn & I drove out to see Jennifer at her work. She still feels terrible and we thought she should be home in bed, but she thinks she needs to be at work. We will be thinking of her, Steve and the grandkids while we are away.

Back at the RV we watched some of the golf match from Wales, while waiting for Dennis & Sonja to arrive.

They drove to the campground, arriving right at 1:00 PM as planned and we loaded our bags into the back of their vehicle.

The drive to St Louis was nice with conversation, sunshine, and the company of two long time friends.

We stopped at a TGI Friday restaurant at Crown Plaza and enjoyed a nice dinner.

After that delicious meal I could easily have fallen asleep for a nap, but we were dropped off at the hotel where we are spending the night.

With big hugs we parted with these good friends and went inside.

We have a nice room with shuttle service to the airport in the morning.

We don’t look forward to the long plane ride tomorrow but will be glad to see new countries and meet new friends.

I’ll do my best to keep all of you in the loop as we go along.

Hope you enjoy the trip.

Remember………………………………....Life is Good!

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