Our site at Bear Canyon Campground in Bozeman

The cool little town of Emigrant, Montana, near Yellowstone.

Chico Hot Springs Info

Chico Hot Springs

Kids enjoying the ride at Chico Hot Springs

Unusual car :-)

Yellowstone River

Another view

We had great steaks in Livingston. Thanks Kim & Jerry!!

Lewis & Clark Info

We saw a lot of deer and finally saw one moose too....

Beautiful ranch in Bozeman

Last one!

We have arrived in Bozeman, Montana. We have very slow WiFi connections, so this will be short.

We are here to check out the campgrounds in the area around Yellowstone National Park. We will be staying near Yellowstone for about a month starting around the 15th of July.

Vickie and Sammy will be joining us on the 17th. We are looking forward to exploring Yellowstone with them. I will add more pictures of the area later when we have better WiFi.

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