The cool welcome!

Vickie & Sammy


Jake & Maggie

Man hiding the food for Brutus to come out and hunt

Sammy watching

Brutus finding the food :-)

Brutus :-)

Brutus playing in the water

Shenna & Brutus

We had a lot of fun today watching grizzly bears in Bozeman. We visited the Grizzly Encounter featured on Expedition Wild on the National Geographic Channel. All of the bears were born in unfortunate captive situations and could NEVER be released into the wild. The bears have been rescued from often inhumane captive situations all over the U.S.

They are allowed out each day for about five hours to swim in the pools, play and do whatever they wish. They are not made to perform in any way. They let two bears out at a time. The ones that get along the best together. They hide food all over the place, under rocks etc. The bears love moving the rocks and finding all the goodies. Brutus is the star of the show and a real ham.

The cost to get in was $8 for adults and $5 for Sammy. We all enjoyed it much and highly recommend it.

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