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Not a good translation into English for a coffee shop!

Broccoli? Cauliflower? Or something else?

Broccoli? Cauliflower? Or something else?

Broccoli? Cauliflower? Or something else?

Ginseng root - I think!

Corn cob - never seen black before!

Looks more like what I recognize.

Biggest jack fruit I have ever seen - filling the shopping trolley.

I did washing today, and set aside my cross stitch piece soaking to get it spotless before the framing gets done. The ink did not all come out with my first wash, and the lady in the cross stitch shop just told me to leave it soaking for longer, and use more detergent, so I have tried that this time!

I was heading to Melrose's house late afternoon, after she finished work. She finishes at 5pm today, so I had planned to arrive around 6, to give her time to get home, and settle down and relax.

The traffic was horrific again, and in areas that are usually not so bad. Even getting into Tianning Lu was very slow, and then through Jianshe Lu was the normal congestion. Of course, it is the time when a lot of people are on their way home from work.

The bus was so packed, I could not easily see where we were, and too much chatter to hear the announcements that tell you which stop is approaching. But, I got lucky, and managed to wing it.

We had coffee, a play with Hugo and a chat, before heading out to get a bus to the Chongqing noodle shop. Once again, delicious.

I needed to get yoghurt, so we went back on another bus to Chain Mart, and through the fruit and vege section. They have a refrigerated section that has 'gourmet' vegetables. Some of them are hideously expensive, and quite often many times more costly than the unpackaged equivalent in the bins!

We found some things that I could not really identify, including something that looked like a warped cross between broccoli and cauliflower but with a very pretty formation. There were two sorts of corn, black and yellow, and what I think was ginseng root. And the biggest jack fruit I have ever seen!!

On the way to Chain Mart, we passed a most unappealing coffee shop! The name did not inspire confidence!

By the time we got out of the supermarket, it was nearly closing time. Melrose walked to her place, and I sat on a bus stop for ages, before giving up, and taking a taxi home!

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