Here and There With Daisy 2015 travel blog

This morning I had massage therapy on my upper spine area. It is getting better, but I still have a way to go. I still have to be careful about lifting or pulling too much.

After therapy I went to Walmart to get an inside TV antenna like one that my neighbors, Don and Dawn, had told me about. It costs less than $20. With it they can get quite a few local channels (within a 25-mile range) at no cost. Since my Time Warner Cable bill had increased again, “no cost” sounded pretty good to me. I disconnected my cable, called Time Warner to close my account and then took back their equipment. Dawn helped me set up my new antenna. I will need to experiment a little more with placement of the antenna so I can get KXAN, my favorite channel.

As I was unhooking my external propane tank, I discovered that I could not get the pigtail off the Extend-a-Stay. The nut was so tight that I couldn’t budge it. I asked Bob, our park manager, for help. With his special tool he couldn’t loosen it either. He tied the pigtail up so it wouldn’t drag on the ground. Because of this problem, I can’t turn on the propane at my on-board tank. That means that I’ll have to run my generator to power the refrigerator as I drive. It’s time to run the generator again anyhow and I’ll use the roof air conditioner instead of the automotive one.

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