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When I tried to start my generator yesterday afternoon, it just made a groaning sound. It had started easily last month. I could just see dollar bills flying out of my account! I called the park manager, Bob, to ask him if he would listen to it to see whether he could determine what the problem might be. He came over this afternoon and diagnosed the problem right away. It wasn’t getting power from the 12-volt house battery. He had me shut down the air conditioner so he could unplug from the power pole. Then he had me start the engine so the starting battery could send power to the generator. Sure enough, it kicked right off. Then I turned off the engine and plugged back into the power at the pole. I’ll still have to buy a new house battery but at least it won’t be quite so expensive as generator repairs would have been.

Bob also helped me empty my holding tank by pulling open the valve for me.

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