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Feeding the rosellas beside our caravan in Port Arthur

Dinner in the caravan park

An evening stroll on the beach

The historic convict site at Port Arthur

Pip and Sal experience church in the solitary prison

Will delivers the fire and brimstone message to them

Waiting for the pedestrian traffic on the road into the caravan park


I think it's fair to say that our time in Tasmania hasn't been the most relaxing we've enjoyed on the trip. Partly that's due to the sickness we've dealt with but also we feel as though the weather is dictating our movements a little too much! I know we've been spoilt - all those clear, rainless months in the north of the country has made us expect a lot - and I guess it's hard for Queenslanders to accept that somewhere in Australia can still be so cold and wet a few days before the start of summer!

After a number of busy days of activities and driving and only staying in a place for a single night, we drove the 10 or so km from Nubeena to Port Arthur yesterday morning and booked into the caravan park with the strong desire to stay here for a couple of nights. Yesterday was a lovely day with plenty of sunshine. We relaxed around the caravan park, the kids playing in the playground, Sal getting some laundry done, and generally taking it slow. It really was just what we needed. We finished the day by taking a stroll along the beach in Stewarts Bay, just down from the caravan park.

Today we had plans to visit the historic site here to find out a little more about the convict story. We woke to rain and the forecast of lots more of it plus strong winds picking up during the day. I think the prospect of bad weather has become as stressful as the weather itself! We talked about leaving, even about staying in a cabin for the night, but after talking to the caravan park managers, we moved into a slightly more sheltered site and hoped for the best.

Our trip to the convict site was also cold and wet, and it was hard to blame the younger two kids for being unenthusiastic! Still, we traipsed around for a while and got a bit more of an insight into the terrible lives of those poor human beings. In some ways the whole experience was probably made a little more real by realising that they would frequently have been dealing with worse weather than this without a warm shower and comfy bed to look forward to.

Back at the caravan park, we set up in the camp kitchen where the kids played with some new friends they'd made, Sal and I played scrabble, and we all enjoyed the fire blazing in the fire place. The wind hasn't actually turned out too bad tonight - we can hear it whipping up a frenzy in the trees planted around the park, but fortunately they provide an excellent wind break for us.

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