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This morning I had to get up a lot earlier than usual in order to be at the River Ranch Radiology center by 9:00. My friend, Martha Boswell, picked me up about 8:30. We both were surprised at how large the complex of buildings is (six in all) in the center. It is located behind the parking lot of South Austin Hospital but the large shrubs and trees hide it from the street view. My dentist’s office is located across the street and I had never noticed the complex!

The procedures weren’t nearly so bad as I had thought they would be. Someone had told me about being moved around a lot and that made me think that I might be motion sick; so I wore my Seabands to help prevent the expected nausea. :>) Well, as it turned out, the movements didn’t amount to anything. All the people were very nice; they told me everything they were getting ready to do and what to expect. It took about an hour and a half. They told me that I needed to lie down on the way home. I’m not supposed to drive for 24 hours and must restrict my activities for 48-72 hours, especially any unusual back motion such as twisting. I need to sleep with my head elevated by two pillows.

Another friend, Linda Seelke, came to get me. Her car was perfect for the trip. The passenger seat could be adjusted at the right angle for me.

The most difficult part of all this was having to lie down for six hours. I read a while, took a nap and watched a little TV. So far, I haven’t felt any ill effects, except a little soreness at the injection sites.

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