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Today is the fourth day of steady rain. I am starting to mildew.

Yesterday I convinced my hubby to go to a movie. First we went to visit the bank of Walmart. There we picked up a few things and then checked out separately so each of us could get cash back. Still had time before the movie started so Dick got a haircut and it looked good. The beautician was impressed enough to give him $3 off as a first time customer. The movie we saw was The Silver Lining. It's was very good, some bad language sprinkled through it. Quite a lot of audience participation as we watched. Dick was pleasantly surprised. After all the main characters both have a mental illness and it must of been a challenge to make it funny and sad at the same time. The house in Philly where a lot of the movie takes place is worth the admission alone. So over the top with gold Home Decor it makes your eyes hurt. In amongst the ornate gold is a plaid couch. Appetizers for football were always crabby cakes and homemades, which was just a little insight into Philly culture.

I may leave the RV after my chores are done and see if I can find a wedding dress. We have three weddings this year, two nieces and my sister in law. It needs to work for March, May and August. Make me look 10 pounds lighter, be wrinkle resistant, and match the only pair of dress shoes I have. This could take a while!

We leave for Hollywood in 2 days!

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