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The golf cart looked great, our reindeer antlers were on straight, and we had a full charge. Off to line up. There had to be fifty people there on carts, bikes, motorcycles, and walking. We were told there would be four stops for food and drink. The snack stops included everything from doughnut holes to pizza and wings. The drinks provided were spiced apple cider, eggnog, sparkling punch, and a variety of alcohol to spike them. It was a very jolly group that arrived back at the office parking lot.

The Saints were on and my husband got his high blood pressure spike watching the beating. He is a die hard fan but even his wild card hopes are gone and already talking maybe next year. He told me we'll be Falcon fans for the play offs. Since I really could care less I agreed.

I am hoping to get the rest of my Christmas in the mail today. The hold up was my dads Gold & Silver T Shirt I wanted to put the photo of us we took front of the place on the back of the shirt. Seems I printed them on photo sew on fabric not photo iron on fabric. Sew on does not work well on T shirts. One stretches the other does not. A quick trip to Joann's solved that problem. I managed to drive back to the park without wandering off into the desert or missing the exit.

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