Danny and Anna's Round The World Trip 2005 travel blog

A late start again. Fortunately nothing planned today other than the Lions match at 4pm. John took us over to his daughters and left us to surf on the net for a few hours. This was followed by a drive along the Hillarys coast and stops at the local marina and surf club. We may start lessons next weekend.

We arrived at the Greenback pub with a great seat to watch the Lions match. Although we lost we had a great time in the typical ozzy sports pub. Three big screens with various sports being played, AFL, rugby league and our very own union match with numerous other smaller tv's screening horse racing, soccer, cricket etc. Good beer and a great atmosphere added to the experience and we intend to be back next weekend for the next game. A bunch of Kiwi's in the corner made their presence known and expect to beat us in the first test in a few weeks. Hope not!

Finished off a fun day with a barbie and beers. Ah, what a life.

Day 105 complete

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