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Tanana River - Alaska Range mtns in background

Big Delta Bridge over the Tanana - Alyeska Pipeline crossing

Pipeline headed for the crossing

Gerstle River - Wrangle Mtns in background

Smoke from a massive forest fire

It's beautiful country!

Robertson River & the Alaska Range

Quite a glacier!

The fire has already been here & is burning away!

On the Taylor Hwy now - 7% downgrade

The Milepost guide wasn't kidding

Had to put this blurry pic in for our friends Rudy &...

Here's our home with a view

And here's the view!

Tonight we're boondocking in a pullout on the Taylor Hwy about 20 mi outside Chicken (it's a town in AK).

We left North Pole this morning & had good roads (for the most part) on the Richardson & Alaska Hwys to Tok. We stopped to see the Alyeska Pipeline crossing over the Tanana River & we stopped to buy a small supply of Alaska sausages at the Delta Meat Co. outside Delta Junction but otherwise we just drove today. It's been a long time since we took all day to get somewhere. We saw smoke from a huge forest fire on our way to Tok.

Not far after Tok we turned onto the Taylor Hwy to Chicken. We're back in the mountains (yeah!) so there was a lot of up & down hills & some really rough road. We probably averaged 20 mph once we hit the Taylor Hwy.

We decided to find a place to boondock for the night before we got to Chicken. We found a large pullout with a beautiful view. It is very quiet - no traffic after 8:00 pm.

We did see some critters today. Critter Count: Moose - 1 (22); Trumpeter Swan - 2 (21)

More later...

P.S. We're now in Dawson City, YT, so don't have Verizon wifi & have limited wifi in this rv park. We'll get caught up on our posts here but will have to limit our photos until we get somewhere with better wifi.

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