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Mt Cristo Rey across from El Paso in Mexico

A view into a small portion of Ciudad Juarez

Maquiladora plants in Juarez - note the layer of smog

We drive 20 mph under the speed limit here!

West Texas desert scenes

We saw lots of wind turbines in far west Texas

And there are still a few windmills to be seen

And, of course. oil wells

The cactus changed as we moved east

We saw some fall colors

But where are the mountains?

Now we're in Texas Hill Country

Check out those long horns

This is our site along the Guadalupe River near Kerrville - grass!

We're actually on a fork of the Guadalupe River - beautiful!

Think these are Texas Longhorn fans!

David replacing the wheel bearings & brakes

Sunset along the Guadalupe River

We left El Paso yesterday morning about 9:00 & had an uneventful drive thru far West Texas. We spent the night at the Parkview RV Park in Fort Stockton. It's a Passport park & only cost $10. It was fine for an overnight but certainly not worth more than $10.

Today we moved into Texas oil country & on into the Hill Country. We had another uneventful day right up until we were almost to our rv park. As we were changing lanes to make the turn to the rv park, a truck drove by & the driver was frantically gesturing to us. We didn't understand what he was trying to tell us so we continued on a couple of blocks to the rv park - On the River RV Park & it's great. When we stopped at registration something smelled super hot. David traced the smell to a rear wheel on the trailer. When we got parked & set up, he took the wheel off & discovered the wheel bearings were toast - disintegrated really - & the brakes were ruined. Luckily (thank you, Jesus) we'd stopped early - about 2:30 - so David had time to get parts & make the repairs. Our prayers for safe travel were answered & we weren't stranded beside the freeway.

While David was working hard to fix the wheel, Judi was walking Callie around this nice park. It's on a fork of the Guadalupe River - there's an island between the park & the actual river. It's a small park but very nice. And it's a Passport park so we paid 1/2 price - $17. We considered staying another day to enjoy the park & check out Kerrville but have decided we want to get to Rockport. So, more later...

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