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The skyline of Fort Lauderdale as we passed by.

And the skyline of Miami as we passed by - horrible traffic!

We left the Cape Canaveral area and drove straight down to the Florida Keys, with only a food stop of two. By the time we reached Miami we were into rush hour and the traffic was terrible, so we didn't try to stop and see anything. As it was the skies were a bit cloudy and we wanted to get to our campsite on Sugarloaf Key while it was still daylight, so we just briefly looked at the scenery as we drove. Driving down US 1 on the keys is fairly monotonous - you go from bridge to causeway to skinny island to bridge ... and all the towns are just big tourist traps with fishing and diving shops, tourist attractions, resorts, and fancy campgrounds. Oh, and lots of pelicans everywhere. In the 1920s Henry Flagler, who built the big hotels in St. Augustine, had a railway built all the way to Key West, and the old railway bridges remain. Most of them have been made safe for foot traffic, and hundreds of people fish off them. The pelicans stay handy looking for rejects.

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