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Sick, sick sick...all got food poisoning..not fun in a 10 hour bus ride!!!!

we awoke in Cappadoccia and all extremely sick, except cast iron stomach Jackson! Poor girls were beside themselves, we had to be packed up and gone by 8am and no sleep, and no energy to drag our bags.....got in a van from our hotel to local bus station, minibus to Nevshihir 26kms away. Then into a big bus (complete with butler wearing bow tie) for nearly 5 hours to Ankarra. Arrived at 2 and had to literally run for our next bus to Safranbolu...yet another 4 hours to there....all with feeling like a load of sh.....

Then we got picked up by a taxi drive (who couldnt change gears or know how to steer...frightening) and drove us to our place we were booked into that was at the end of the earth in a forest oh my god!!! Just not what we wanted when we felt so sick... luckily a small group of other travellers arrived at this lodging, that made us feel a little better and safer! At least we were in the quiet area and away from the calls from the mosques at god knows what hours each morning! and we all slept through the night without a vomit!!

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