Pod number one arrives...

Pod number 2 being set up..

It was interesting to see how they load them..

All set up for moving day..

Awesome Japanese food..

Last one!

We were up early this morning and drove to Betty’s. The first moving pod was due to be delivered at 7. They had already delivered it early when we arrived. We waiting for the second one to arrive around 2 in the afternoon. We got to see how they set this one up, it was quite interesting to watch. We got two 16 foot pods for the move and are hoping they will be enough to hold all of Betty’s furniture. She has three bedrooms full of furniture and the pods look so small at first. After the pod delivery, we went to the Japanese Restaurant near Betty’s house, they have the best Japanese food in the area. Tomorrow will be the packing day, three movers are scheduled to arrive at eight in the morning to load the pods. Check back later for more from Vegas.

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