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We drove to Sierra Vista on Saturday and spent a full day at the annual Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering. It was our first time at the event and it is something I would highly recommend. If we come back to Benson next year, this would definitely be on our list to see again.

There were songs and poems of ranching, horses, Wyoming whiteouts, and other topics connected to the lifestyle of a cowboy. Now, my impression before I attended was that most of the performers would be “paper” cowboys, perhaps a wanna-be who had never seen a ranch or horse who happened to have a passing interest in the lifestyle. Boy, was I wrong. These artists were performing from personal experiences and their love of ‘living on the range’ was very evident. I think I’ve found another type of music that I could really enjoy!

Here are three links containing snip-its from a couple of performer’s songs:

The Desert Sons

Prickly Pair and the Cactus

Due West Trio

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