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Today is a special day in that I am on my way to the first campout with my Cen-Tex friends since March 2014. There were several things I needed to attend to first, though. I was up quite early so I’d have time to take care of everything.

First, I had to feed Daisy and then drive to Silver Sneakers class. After exercise class I went to Discount Tires to have the air pressure checked. All the tires were lower than I like for them to be but not dangerously low, considering that it had been over a year since their last check. I like to drive with 70 pounds in all six tires. Ach! There was a fly in the ointment; one of my metal valve extenders was missing, so that inner dually couldn’t be aired up. Discount Tires stores do not sell valve extenders.

My next stop was at Crestview RV in Georgetown, where I was able to buy a pair of metal valve extenders. They installed one and I now have a spare extender. They also were able to remove the stubborn pigtail but they didn’t have a new one with the right kind of fittings. At least now I can use the on-board propane tank. I had them top off the tank.

I called my propane deliveryman in Austin to ask if the ones like Crestview RV sells would work; they wouldn’t. Happily, he said they sell the right type of pigtails and could deliver one to me on Monday.

The big disappointment today was that Crestview couldn’t complete my annual safety inspection because they discovered that one of my front amber clearance lights was not working. The entire assembly must be replaced. Without the State-required working light there was no point in continuing with the inspection. They wouldn’t be able to order a replacement assembly until tomorrow. Then it would be a few days before the part arrived. Since I will be long gone by then, I told them not to order the part.

I called the Lazy Daze factory in California to order the assembly. In fact, I ordered two amber assemblies, three amber lenses and two red lenses. The lenses are not a common shape, so I decided that it would be wise to have some spares on hand. Because Lazy Daze does not accept credit card payments, I had to have the order shipped collect by UPS and write a check to Lazy Daze. That cost me extra but at least I’ll have the goods by Monday or Tuesday.

Now I just have to continue to hope that Dudley Do Right won’t stop me for my expired safety sticker. I’ll keep the proof of my attempt to get the inspection done close at hand while I’m on the road, just in case. The current one expired in May 2014. If I am stopped, I might have to show proof of my back surgeries, too, as my reasons for not getting the inspection done on time!

I’m spending the night in the Crestview parking lot. There wasn’t a vacant spot with electricity, but the weather is mild so I haven’t really needed air conditioning. There was a nice breeze all day. With the driver-side window and the curbside entry door open there was good cross ventilation.

STATS Route: I-35 N to Georgetown, exit 286. Total Miles Driven: 46 Weather Conditions: Mostly sunny and mild Road Conditions: Good Gasoline Price: $2.119 at Austin

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