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the gubernatorial hopeful & sign

Poor Geoff had to spend his birthday driving one of our longer travel days; Montana is a state that goes on forever. The scenery changed from flat and dry to green and mountainous as we drove through miles of cattle ranches. The temperature changed from 85º to 55º as a cold front came through. The cold front generated wind gusts pushing us all over the road and wrecking havoc with our gas mileage. But Geoff did have a nice birthday dinner with his favorite food - BBQ - and the waitress brought a giant ice cream sundae for us all to share. When you've had as many birthdays as we've had, that's probably celebration enough.

Montana appears not to allow the bill boards that enliven the North Dakota scenery. In this state we enjoyed the "Jim O'Hara for Governor" signs. We had seen a news item about this gubernatorial election at home. O'Hara is an independent cuss well suited to Montana who apparently is waging his campaign pretty much on his own. One of his goals is to put a hand made campaign sign in every county of Montana. O’Hara has painted the likeness of every courthouse in the state to promote his campaign. He drives around putting up this signs in his spare time and given the size of the state this pretty much takes up all his non work time. According to his website he has covered 52 of the 76 counties so far.

And we're feeling like we've driven through about 52 counties as well!

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