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Tahiti, a French Polynesian paradise in the middle of the pacific. Located in the middle of the south pacific covering some 4.5million square kilometres of ocean. All of the island are of volcanic or coral origin.

We landed in Tahiti at midnight and had to wait in the airport until 5am for the first bus to Papeete (the capital of Tahiti). We tried to get some sleep in the airport, it is amazing how many sleeping positions you try when trying to guard your bags, and it is amazing how quickly they become uncomfortable !!!! However the time eventually passed and we caught a bus to the ferry terminal. We took a boat out to the nearby island of Moorea as Tahiti itself is very expensive.

We took a bus around the island to a nice little campsite and got a room (well big box) for $26 per night. First day was spent resting and looking at the sea as we were quite knackered from travelling. The sea is amazingly blue and clear and the coral around the island breaks the waves as they come in. Our campsite was right on the beach and the sunset was beautiful.

On our second day we rented a vespa to take us around the island. We were both a bit wobbly when we started to drive it, but confidence increased during the day ! We went to the Belvedere, a view point over the two main bays on the island. We then continued around to a Pearl producer and were told the life and history of pearls ! Black pearls are world famous and only come from French Polynesia. They actually come in many different colours and shapes and value !!!!!

We then spent some time on the palm lined beach. Again the waters were amazing (turquoise) and the visibility was incredible.

On our third day Monica went diving. She said that the visibility was the best she had ever seen and she saw more than one hundred sharks mainly black tip, but some lemon sharks as well. Nick was far too lazy to do anything so he spent his time on the beach !

On our last day we hired a Kayak and paddled over to two islands. We discovered our rhythm for paddling was not great and we went in a zig zag most of the way ! We saw some sting rays swimming along and lots of colourful coral. However it started raining so we decided to paddle back around the island. Its quite hard work this kayaking !

Our main source of food was baguettes as they were dirt cheap and really nice. We had them for breakfast, lunch and dinner with eggs, cheese, ham or jam !!

So it was with great sadness that we had to leave our island paradise and return to Tahiti. We had a look around town and visited the Tahiti pearl market where Monica bought a pearl. We then ate chinese from a van in Vaiete plaza before heading to bed as we had to be at the airport at 6am the following morning.

At 5am we took a bus with lots of the locals, all who seemed to be on their way home after a good night out (they were all pissed !!!).


Chez Nelson on Moorea - cheap 2 person dorm room ($26)

Royal Papeete - Centre of Papeete and fairly decent room. Cheap in Tahiti standards ($80)

Vaiete Plaza - Lots of cheap(ish) food options from food vans

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