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tricolor heron has 4 eggs to tend to

adult morehen

check out that blue beak!

nice colors - another kind of heron I think

You don't see this every day!

red-winged blackbird has some yellow too!

One of 2 iguanas we saw here

female red-winged blackbird has hatchlings under her wing!

some kind of stilt bird

purple martins are busy building nests

back of greckle is pretty!

baby anhingas are white and fluffy

kinds of turtles here - 3 of 4 are hard to pick...

so, what kind is this?

snowy egrets are here

snowy egret on nest

big stretch, or is it snubbing us?

juvenile morehens

baby morehen

what a colorful bird! It's a purple gallinule

anhinga's mating dance is one wing up, then the other, a few...

here's the grand finale and bow

all these fish came in a pack with a couple of herders...

female guards her eggs at bottom of hole she dug out

there are 3 turtles in this picture!

softshell hanging in there!

This "Created Waters" preserve was made by the Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department to teach people about water conservation. Many of Florida's flora and fauna have discovered it and made it one of the best places to see nature in action that I have found. One walks on a big, circular boardwalk trail and looks in both directions to see lots of varieties of birds, turtles, ducks and wetland plants. There are alligators here as well. And springtime is the time for mating and births. Lots to see and enjoy. Connie and I spent about 3 hours here today taking in all the sights! I took about 80 pictures, deleted almost 30 of them, then had to choose which ones to share with you! It was hard to do!

If you ever come within driving distance of Boynton Beach, Florida, check this out - and it's free! See what their website has to offer - cool stuff!

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