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Graceful mountains with stunted trees and newer growth in foreground

Peaceful lake; are those wisps of fog or dust from the road?...

Friday morning we set off in a light rain that soon abated, but was just enough to wet the vehicles so the dust would stick. Shortly after leaving Beaver Creek we crossed the border into Alaska. We had an easy crossing, as we anticipated, with nothing more than routine questions, although we know it is possible to be stopped for a full vehicle search. We will have several more border crossings before the trip is over, as we move around the circle of our itinerary and down to Haines to catch the ferry, so we hope all of them are as easy as this one.

We had only about 90 miles to our next stop, in Tok, Alaska, but it took us nearly 4 hours to drive it. I lost count of the construction areas where we had to stop and wait for a pilot car to lead us through the single-lane sections. In between were construction areas-to-be and construction areas-just-completed. It seems that every mile of this stretch of road is under construction, will be soon or has been recently. And as soon as they finish a section, they have to go back and start over again because the frost heaves have caused damage to the new sections. It’s the price we pay for being able to drive our big rigs to Alaska, however, and we knew we would encounter it.

At Tok we were able to get good sites at one of the several large campgrounds in town (and to confirm our choice of sites for when we return through here in August). We then went to Fast Eddie’s restaurant, a spot famous among travelers and locals alike, it appears, for lunch and back to the trailers for laundry and catching up on housekeeping chores. Almost every park offers an RV wash facility, which gives you an idea of the road conditions, We decided that there’s more dirt to come, so it may be premature to wash the rig just yet.

Tomorrow we take off again for Slana, where we’ll spend a couple of days exploring the mountain ranges and other attractions in that area.

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