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This morning I got up at my usual time; there was no need to rush because the park office doesn’t open until 8:30. However, it took me longer to complete my routine than I had anticipated, so it was about 9:00 o’clock before I checked out.

As is my practice before a trip, I stopped at Discount Tire to have my motorhome tires checked. I was much relieved upon arriving when I saw that there weren’t very many cars parked along the side of their parking lot. This meant that I could make the U-turn to the bay without having to unhitch my car and then re-hitch it. What a relief! They got to me quickly and I was finally on the road by 9:45.

The drive was uneventful – which is the best kind. I made several stops, including one time at a roadside picnic area where I nuked my last frozen entrée, and once in Huntsville to feed Daisy her lunch.

Signs along the way on church marquees:

• User Name: Believer Password: Jesus is Lord

• God made the first valentine with two pieces of wood and three nails

I arrived at CARE around a quarter to four. I was greeted by several staff members and given welcoming hugs. Then I spent a few minutes with the nurse, Judy. She gave me some basic information and set a time for an orientation session tomorrow morning. She directed me to my site, where a couple of volunteers helped me get settled. I remembered that it is the same site that I had when I was a volunteer in 2007.

We are requested to wear name tags every day for the benefit of visitors and new residents. There are several designs of Escapees tags available. I may buy one later but for now I’m using my Cen-Tex tag. It is easy to read.

Tonight I had my first meal here: chicken fried steak sandwich, chips and blueberry crisp. My table mates were two nice couples who have been at CARE for several years. One couple had been volunteers several years ago and they know some of the same residents who were here in 2007 when I was a volunteer. They were full of good information.

I added my name and requests to the “honey-do” list. Volunteers do as many of them as they can. There is also a contract maintenance man for the bigger jobs.

I’m off to a good start so I think my time here will be pleasant.

STATS Route: TX-71 E to Bastrop => TX-21 E to Bryan => TX-6 S to College Station => TX-30 E to Huntsville => US-190 E to Livingston => TX-146 S to Escapees CARE Total Miles Driven: 208 Weather Conditions: Mild, sunny and dry

Road Conditions: Mostly four-lane, with several sections of two-lane

RV Park: Escapees CARE Center []

Gasoline Price: $2.369 at Huntsville

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