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Sal and Alice looking relaxed on the chair lift

Will and Pip cross the gorge

Cataract Gorge

Show off!

The suspension bridge

Playing amongst the seaweed on Kingston beach before bed time


With the weather looking much improved down south we decided we would head back down that way for a couple of days, but not before paying a visit to Launceston's Cataract Gorge. We were all 'gorged out' there for a while up in NT and WA but it's been a while since then and this one is pretty much right in Launceston so we decided we should see it.

After being taken to the wrong spot by our GPS, which included some pretty steep gradients and tight turns towing Old Bess (handled expertly by Sal, I might add) we ended up at the right place. We caught the chair lift across the river just below the gorge which gives good views back up to the gorge and is just plain fun really! Walking around in the gardens on the far side, we saw lots of peacocks and plenty of foreign tree species which were planted many years ago when it was decided to make the area a local attraction.

Another chair lift ride and we were back to where we started. Alice and Will played in the playground while Pip, Sal and I took the short walk round to the Alexandra suspension bridge which has been hanging over the gorge since 1904.

The afternoon then consisted of a few hours driving to get us back down south of Hobart to a free camp out the back of the local hotel at Kingston Beach. We weren't completely sure if it was a genuine site but we'd found it on Wiki camps and no one questioned us, so we had the car park to ourselves for the night. A trip down to the beach before bed time allowed the kids to stretch their legs and also proved rather invigorating in the fresh Antarctic air blowing off the ocean.

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