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Last night we went to Bingo. It was not pizza night as advertised but salad and pulled pork. The place we usually sit was taken we went to a different table. After we settled in and the calling started there was lots of noise. The crowd was discontent. The last game all hell broke loose and one man was physically removed. People were yelling at the caller and dumping out paper bags of used bingo sheets. This was at the St. Martin Church's hall who'd a thought they needed a bouncer.

Today it was Dick's turn or chose an outing so we drove to Lake Murray. It's a small shallow lake with a bike and walking trail. You can rent boats for fishing or kayaking. The flock of mallard ducks and geese were in numbers rivaling a Hitchcock movie. The signs say, no swimming, no feeding the birds or squirrels , no dogs off the leash, no fishing without a license, and park closes at 6:30. Vehicles not removed by closing will be locked in for the night and fined. Squirrels the size of small dogs fought the birds for the contraband food. I guess we expected Lake Tahoe.

Dick just woke up and we are ordering pizza for supper. Delivery! This is an experiment that may or may not be successful. If it fails tuna is on the menu.

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