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We've almost made it to the Canadian border - over 1600 miles since we've left home. We stopped to fill up for the last cheap gas even though we still had plenty. According to web research we can expect to pay $4.40/gallon once we cross the border. Since we're used to gas prices being higher in Chicagoland than almost anywhere else in the country, we're surprised to find it a bit more expensive here - something about a shortage in the northwestern US. We also stopped at Walmart for fresh produce and to buy a few things we forgot to bring. It's not like there won't be stores in Canada, but last time we were here for the Calgary Stampede, we found things to be more expensive. Canadians use VAT like the Europeans do rather than sales tax, but even when we did the math, we were paying more than we would at home. We've read blogs that mentioned having various fruits and vegetables confiscated by the border agents. Hope our fresh pineapple and bananas will pass muster.

Montana is a beautiful state to drive through; it's name as the Bg Sky Country is richly deserved. In the morning we drove west through lush green fields of grass, dotted with grazing cattle. The fields were irrigated by the waters of the nearby Yellowstone River. Signs proclaimed that we were in Beef Country. When we turned north the rock formations were magnificent. Off in the distance we could see the snow covered peaks of Glacier National Park. We heard that the park is still closed, because the roads are snow packed. If we haven't had our fill of glaciers in Alaska, we might stop by on the way back home.

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