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The desert around us

Toby, alert, tail curled, looked for rabbits.

Can you see it? To the right of the tree. No, Toby...

Jack Rabbit....actually a hare, but called Jack Rabbit.

ATV'ng to the dumpster.

There we are.

Very green around here

Outside our front door

Closer view

See the purple bench on the hillside? it is behind us.

The sunset tonight was amazing

So many colors of the Southwest in the sky


First of all, Thank YOU to Sharon Williamson...what a nice note. Cannot wait till you start full-timing, and check your mail.

It's been very hot (but, it's a dry heat). For those that do not know what a dry heat feels like, just put your head, hand, or arm in an oven. That is a dry heat, and yes, you still can sweat.

Toby has been very excitable lately as there seems to be more jackrabbits around these days. When he spots them, off he goes on a run. Unfortunately, they are too fast for him, or he has to take a poop, which puts a halt to the kill. John and I have both been pulled into a run and it is not pretty. Would love to let him off leash to try to chase one, but too many snakes around and he likes to nosy into a bush or tree.

Jack Rabbit got their name from being called a jackass rabbit because their ears are so big, but Mark Twain shortened it to Jack Rabbit in one of his books....and the name stuck.

Had to get a new Verizon JetPack for our Internet usage. I tell ya, they got you coming and going. Advertised $49.00....but, actually it is $107 with a $50 rebate. Yes, they are hoping that you won't send it in. Also, $40 activation fee. Took the sales girl all of 3 minutes to activate. Nice...$40 for 3 minutes work! Anyhoo, what would we do without our Internet and cell phones? Kinda makes you long for the old days when we had neither.

Did you watch American Pharaoh win the Triple Crown? We watched it and can say that we got just as excited as we do when we are watching the Seahawks play. Fortunately, it was only for a couple minutes, but, wow, that is some beautiful horse. He looked so regal..and well, beautiful.

Tomorrow we go up to Las Cruces to find a new RV park to camp at. Also, will find out from the therapist how long we need to hang out in New Mexico.

I am just itchin' to get that hitch hooked up. So is John.

Met a fun couple who stopped in the park for a few days. Bill & Carol from St. Augustine, Florida. They were a hoot. Would have liked to get to know them better...but, that happens in this life. We have met so many fun people.

A political joke...pretty true, though.

Q: What do you call a lawyer who has gone bad?

A: Senator.

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