This map shows the whole area we visited..

A cool store in Mesa, Colorado


A church in Mesa

We had a great lunch at the Wagon Wheel Restaurant

Another view

We started seeing snow as soon as we entered the National Forest


We stopped at Mesa Lakes Resort and played in the snow..

Betty making her snowman :-)

Betty's snowman


One of many beautiful lakes we saw today

Betty's snowball

Back on the road..

Frozen lake

Craig Lake


The short cut road..



View from the top showing all the curvy roads we had to...

Another view

The drive down


Deer running from the water

On the bank

Last one, jumping the fence!

We had another awesome Colorado adventure today driving the Grand Mesa National Scenic and Historic Byway. We drove to Mesa, Colorado and had a great lunch at the Wagon Wheel Restaurant.

From Mesa we drove all the way to the top where we took the 12 mile road to Lands End to the Lands End Observatory. It was closed but we still enjoyed the awesome views.

We took a (short cut) road back to Grand Junction, it was a bit scary. The roads were curvy and narrow, it was a LONG way down to the bottom. :-) We were all happy when we arrived back to the main highway, but it was exciting and fun.

Our highest elevation today was around 11,000 feet. We saw frozen lakes, snow and lots of birds and a lot of deer. We stopped at a beautiful lodge with a lake and lots of snow where Betty made a adorable snowman. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

Our parts are suppose to arrive tomorrow. We are hoping they repair the gas line quickly. Check back later for more from Colorado.

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