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It's about two hundred miles from Titusville where we are camped, to Miami where we are about to fly to Lisbon. We brought ourselves here in a rental car, which cost about $45, much less than a limo and more convenient. We loaded the car with luggage last night. We'll reverse the process when we return from our third cruise. I'm feeling lah-di-dah typing in peace and quiet in the Business/First Class lounge after grazing the buffet. Business Class seats will also make the actual flight much more comfortable. Because we'll land at 1am body time, we probably won't be in the mood to sleep until it's time for breakfast, but we booked the Lisbon hotel for an early arrival so we can continue the night's sleep there. We afford ourselves all these little luxuries now that we are old and creaky, but I have many memories of wandering around in a daze that first day in Europe waiting for check-in time squeezing the pennies wherever possible. But even better than Business Class will be returning to the US by cruise ship jet-lag free.

It feels as if we have already left the country. Nearly everyone we encounter at the airport speaks Spanish at least initially. I fooled around with some on-line Spanish lessons in the last few months, but I obviously should have fooled around a lot more. Maybe some immersion will help.

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